All others are spoken for.


  1. What is Nike’s gender? Very cute. And how much do you charge? Thank you, Kim

  2. Hi are either of these two beauties still available? If so, what is the total price?

    • Heather I believe both are still available. I’ll check with my wife, but they are $1800 with a $500 deposit. Nike can be picked up on the 13th or 14th.. Oscar would be the week after. The 20th or 21st.

  3. Hello,
    What beautiful babies! Can you tell me if Nesly is still available and what his cost is?

  4. Could you please tell me the size of the parents and expected size of Nike?

    • Sorry, for the late reply I’m new to all this website stuff. No puppies available, we have a ton of applicants, but you are welcome to apply, because many change their minds, find puppies elsewhere, or don’t reply when the time comes. If you’ve already applied, then we will reach out if a position for a puppy becomes available. Keep in touch through email, just be friendly, and stay top of mind. We aren’t a big breeder, we only have a few puppies every year, so it is very hard to keep up with the demand. On top of that people can be rude and nasty, so we get anxiety when we have to start dealing with potential customers again. Friendliness, patience, and persistence, wins the race to our puppies

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