Puppy Application

Due to the high amount of people requesting a puppy, we please ask that you fill out this application. Filling it out does not guarantee you a puppy. We look for the best homes possible. Do Not fill this application if you’re not serious in purchasing a pup or can not take on all the responsibilities that come with dog ownership. Shih Tzus while loving dogs, require a little bit of maintenance. If you are first time Shih Tzu owners, please be sure to learn about the breed and what will be required by you in owning one. Understand that purchasing a pup from a breeder is a process and one that takes time. If you do not hear anything within 3wks of receipt of application, that we do not consider you a good fit and to continue your search elsewhere. (Though I will try my best to let you know either way). When your application is approved there will be a 500.00 (non-refundable) deposit required to hold said pup. I will not hold a pup until deposit is received. In way of money order, bank check, venmo or paypal (add 5% surcharge if using paypal). Unfortunately due to Covid we will not be having visits, Only puppy pickup. We greatly appreciate your cooperation with us. Asking price 1800.00