Puppy Application

We currently have no puppies available. We are looking for forever homes for our fall/winter litters. Do Not fill this application if you’re not willing to wait for a puppy or can not take on all the responsibilities that come with dog ownership. Shih Tzu’s while loving dogs, require a little bit of maintenance. If you are first time Shih Tzu owners, please be sure to learn about the breed and what will be required by you in owning one. Please understand that I currently have more applications then pups and also know that purchasing a pup from a breeder is a process and one that takes time. The longer you wait the better your chances. Puppies are sold on first come first serve basis. Puppies will not be held until a 500.00 (non refundable) deposit is received. Our prices range from 2000.00 to 2200.00 (non negotiable)