Puppy Agreement

  P&J Shih Tzus Ct


                         Puppy Sales and Health Contract      

Date of sale________________   DOB_______________

Puppy’s Name_________________________

Seller guarantees that this puppy has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and has been found to be in good overall health. Purchaser agrees to take the canine to the vet within 4 days for a complete health exam including fecal test and second round of shots. We ask that you do not take your puppy out to public places until his or her shots are complete and are fully vaccinated. Visitors should wash their hands before handling the puppy. Failure to abide by this could potentially cause serious illness or death of the puppy. Purchaser agrees that the said puppy will always receive prompt top-notch medical care.

    RIGHTS OF REPOSSESSION/RETURNS: Unless otherwise specified, it is limited to and solely for the protection of the canine. This is to assure that the canine will not be abandoned, abused, taken to a shelter, used in a puppy mill, resold to another person or pet store. In the event of unforeseen circumstances the Purchaser is unable to maintain ownership of said canine, the Purchaser shall contact the Seller immediately and return said canine to Seller. The Purchaser will provide the Seller at time of return all medical records and  AKC papers for said canine .Any replacement or monetary consideration will be returned to Purchaser is solely determined by the Seller.  COMPANION CANINE: Limited Akc Registration It is understood and agreed that for the good of the breed a canine sold as a companion shall never be used for breeding. Registration (AKC)  papers on the said puppy will be withheld until notification of procedure for the said dog is received and verified. It will be the recommendation received by your veterinarian in which time is best for your dog to be sterilized. Proof of spay/neuter must be received by the (PURCHASERS NAME) within 14 days after procedure. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser, not the veterinarian, to ensure that P&J Shihtzus receive verification that the surgery has been performed. The Purchaser agrees that if the Seller does not receive proof of sterilization from a licensed veterinarian in 18 months from date of sale will be a failure to comply with this agreement will be considered a breach of contract. Seller will invoke the “Rights of Repossession/Returns” clause and Purchaser will transport the puppy back to P&J Shihtzus and will not be entitled to a refund. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser of a Companion Canine to insure that the said canine does not breed or be bred accidentally or otherwise.

     1 Year Congenital Guarantee is defined as a Guarantee against a condition which dates back to the fetal stage and would severely impact the quality of life and be considered life threatening. If said canine becomes severely or terminally ill due to genetic related illness within the first year of life. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to contact the Seller. Seller has the right to a second diagnosis with a licensed veterinarian of their choice. Purchaser shall provide access to said canine for examination within 48hrs. If diagnosis is to be determined of genetic ill fate the Seller will provide a replacement canine of equal value solely determined by the Seller. No money will be refunded.

  Purchaser agrees to contact Seller before any euthanasia is performed. Should euthanasia be performed without contacting the Seller than this contract will be null and void and No replacement puppy will be given. Should said puppy expire an autopsy must be performed at Purchasers expense and must provide findings within 72 hours of Autopsy. 

This guarantee does not cover minor conditions such as umbilical hernias, pinched nostrils, hypoglycemia, coccidia or giardia. If your said puppy is to have an umbilical hernia please consult with your veterinarian to have it repaired at time of spay/neuter. 

Purchaser understands that at any time for the good of the said canine, any and all threat to harm, abuse, sell, abandon, mistreat said canine in any way will be considered to be a reason for default of this contract by Purchaser and said canine shall be immediately re-claimed by the “Rights of Repossession/Returns” clause. Purchaser understands that Seller Provides an estimate but cannot guarantee size, color, or temperament of said puppy as they mature. Diet and exercise plays an important role in the said dogs quality of life as does grooming on a regular basis.

It would be Greatly Appreciated if periodically you could send us pictures and updates. It is important to us to be able to watch them grow up and to be able to share that with others on our social platform. If you can also give us a review on Google for any future potential buyers.    “Thank you for opening your Home and your Hearts to one of our puppies!”